Hi! My name is Bill Kimler.
me2I am the former CIO (Chief Insight Officer) for Maines Paper & Food Service, Inc, a foodservice distributor to restaurants, schools, camps, casinos,etc all over the nation. I’d been with Maines since 1997.

I graduated from Drew University (NJ) in 1993 with a BA in Mathematics and Physics. I then earned an MA in Education and MS in Physics from Binghamton University (NY) in 1996.

I currently reside in Binghamton, NY and spend my early morning hours and late evening hours with R, Python, statistical techniques and SAP HANA. I began my journey of self-education in Data Science in June of 2015 and I haven’t been this excited since I wrote the industry’s first delivery scanning application on a Palm Pilot device using SuperWaba in 2001!

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Bill

    Came across your blog when I followed a trail leading from one of our paper distributors’ twitter account and from there to Analytics and Visualization and eventually here. I see that you are a very hand-on management person šŸ™‚ and that is a rare but good thing !
    Also, since you are in the SAP Area that caught more of my attention – especially Lumira. Although not a big fan of Lumira (I am more of a Tableau guy), I can see that you guys are doing some good work with data analytics. Keep up the good work on the blog – very informative.

    Bala Raghuraman


    • Hi Bala – thanks for the kind words! I blog solely for myself as a record of this new endeavor I’m on. But I’m thrilled to know that someone else has found their way here.

      I happen to be knee-deep in Lumira as well and find it to be a very interesting tool. We’re not in production with it yet, but I’ve been playing with the desktop version connected to an SAP HANA One on AWS instance that I’ve built and have been impressed with what I can do with it.

      Take care & look forward to communicating with you again!


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