A Disciplined Regimen

Whendog_meat I get interested in something (creative writing, Japanese, web development, running) I tend to act like a dog in a meat shop. I see so many books, movies, training videos, clubs, newsletters, Facebook groups, Twitter accounts, etc., that I end up trying to consume everything at once and not accomplishing anything.

I’ve also fallen into the trap of “doing what you can in your free time” – so that the only logical conclusion is that free time eventually dwindles, activity in my interest comes to a stop and after the days turn into weeks turn into months – the interest is gone.

This time, it’s different.

This time, I’m working from a plan.

The plan is doing two things for me:

  1. Keeping focused on a specific list of things to accomplish daily and
  2. Making sure I’m not planning too much to do in a single day, forcing me to parse out items over a longer period.

Here’s a narrow snapshot of my current plan. I keep it on a Google Sheet so I have access to it from my home laptop, work computer, phone or tablet.

The plan evolves daily – but I always try to keep a least a week ahead in solidifying what I’m going to accomplish each day.

20150708 The Plan

Yeah – it’s OCD. But it’s also a reflection of how f*ing serious I am about this. And there is a certain thrill I get at the end of the night when I mark that last box GREEN for the day.

patienceI’ll go into more depth on some of the tracks that I’m following. For example, I just started with Swirl (Learn R, in R.) today. What an amazing program.

I’m in Week 4 of this endeavor, and I feel like I’ve made progress on all fronts. But I still feel like I’m covering a lot of basics still – and…

I want to get to the advanced stuff NOW.


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